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Our Values

What We Stand For

  1. Theological Faithfulness  We believe that counseling is fundamentally a theological task.  The work of understanding the problems which require counseling and of helping people with those problems requires theological faithfulness and submission to the way God explains life. Therefore, we hold to a summary of Christian doctrine which we believe represents biblical standards that biblical counselors must embrace to do their work faithfully.  
  1. Sufficiency of Scripture We believe the contents of Scripture speak with authoritative relevance to the content of counseling conversations. Therefore, we hold that the Bible sufficiently informs the structure and content of counseling relationships. 
  1. Counseling Excellence  We believe that counseling must join accurate theology with godly character in order to honor the Lord Jesus and provide competent care. Therefore, ACBC is committed to setting standards of counseling excellence. At ACBC we seek to maintain quality at every level in our organization to ensure that each counselee receives solid biblical counsel by our certified members. 
  1. The Church We believe the church is the primary context for soul care, and that we must recover the church’s responsibility to provide care for sufferers and sinners. Therefore, we encourage and support the indispensable ministry of biblical counseling as an expression of church life.