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Begin your Pathway Through Certification!

Become a Certified Biblical Counselor

How to Become Certified

We are thrilled that you are beginning your journey to ACBC certification!  

The Word of God is the perfect, sufficient, and authoritative guide and foundation for all of life, and we trust that through biblical counseling training you will be equipped to minister the Bible to those in your life skillfully.  

Our comprehensive biblical counseling certification program is rigorous but attainable – to train and verify faithfulness to the Word of God in the counseling room. 

Phase 1: Learning 

  • Training course, counseling observations, and reading. 

Phase 2: Exams and Evaluations 

  • Complete your theology and counseling exams. 

Phase 3: Supervision 

  • Complete 50 sessions of supervised counseling with an ACBC Fellow. 

Cost: Approximately $1500 total (pay as you go) 

  • Phase 1: Fundamentals Training Course, books, and observations – $600 (varies) 
  • Phase 2: Exams and Evaluations – $100 
  • Phase 3: Supervision – $700 
  • Membership – $115 annually 

Timeframe: 2 year average completion. 

  • 4 year deadline for Phases 1 and 2 
  • 1 year deadline for Phase 3