Finances and Biblical Counseling


Our stewardship of money is a good gauge of the state of our relationship with God. So how can we handle our finances in a way that pleases God? The truth is that money can be a great servant used to further God’s kingdom and bless other people, or it can be a brutal master that reveals a sinful heart. Check out these lectures to learn a biblical perspective on finances and to sharpen your skills in discipling Christians with financial issues.


Biblical View of Financial Stewardship – Jim Rickard

Steps to Financial Freedom – Jim Rickard

Q & A with Jim Rickard (Part 1)

Q & A with Jim Rickard (Part 2)

Testimony on Financial Planning – Tim Keeter

Counseling People with Financial Issues -Tim Keeter

Handling Finances Biblically – Lloyd McKee

Counseling Those in Financial Difficulty – Steve Freeburne

Personal Testimony on Finances – Howard Dayton

Money Map (Part 1) – Howard Dayton

Money Map (Part 2) – Howard Dayton

Case Study of Anger and Finances – Tim Keeter

Case Study of Finances – Jim Newheiser

Financial Wisdom from Proverbs – Jim Newheiser

Counseling Those in Financial Pain with Wisdom from Proverbs – Jim Newheiser


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