Women and Counseling


Do you know a wife in ministry struggling? A mother mourning her miscarriage? A friend stuck in a life-dominating sin? This collection is built to further equip you to counsel these women, including an array of other counseling topics for women’s discipleship and counseling ministry.


Conference Card Collection

Sessions Include:


1. Words to Minister’s Wives: Opportunities and Disappointments – Mary Somerville
2. Counseling Women Who Are Perfectionists – Amy Baker
3. Discipling Women: Privilege and Practice – Mary Somerville
4. Being a Mom in Ministry – Mary Somerville
5. Challenges in Ministry – Cindy Patten
6. Sovereignty and Love of God in Miscarriage and Loss of Child – Bob Somerville
7. Counseling Women to Have a High View of God – Martha Peace
8. Keeping Your Balance – Vicki Bigney
9. Cutting: Helping Counselees Who Self-Mutilate – Amy Baker
10. Helping Women Put Off Life-Dominating Sins – Susan Heck
11. Helping Women Who are Deeply Emotionally Disturbed – Martha Peace
12. Counseling Women Whose Husbands are Caught in Sexual Sin – Mary Beth Oblinger
13. Counseling and Discipling Women from the Home – Mary Somerville
14. How to Counsel Anorexic Thinking and Behaviors – Virginia Stewart
15. Living in His Forgiveness: Counseling the Post-Abortive – Sandy Day
16. Building Love in Difficult Relationships – Janie Street
17. Can You Help a Sister Out? – Venessa Ellen
18. Survival Kit for Women in Ministry – Deb Steele
19. Women Wounded by Sexual Betrayal Mary Asher
20. Teaching Women to Be Content – Susan Heck
21. Ministry to Suffering People After a Miscarriage – Rebekah Hannah
22. Fearful Women – Jill Wamsley
23. Helping Women Rely on Scripture – Caroline Newheiser
24. Confidence in Christ as the Foundation for Identity – Rebekah Hannah
25. Biblical Counseling and Singleness – Hannah Carter