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Assistant Supervisors

Who are Assistant Supervisors?

Assistant Supervisors are ACBC Certified Counselors who assist Fellows in the supervision of ACBC Candidates in Phase 3. There are many situations where involving an Assistant Supervisor will be extremely advantageous to the Fellow, ACBC Candidate, and the counselee. These situations include, but are not limited to, having a female Assistant Supervisor assist in the supervision of a female Candidate, or having an Assistant Supervisor who is fluent in the native language of the Candidate assist a Fellow who does not speak that language.

How do Assistant Supervisors serve?

A candidate for ACBC certification must be supervised by an ACBC Fellow. The supervising Fellow may choose, at his discretion, to invite an experienced ACBC Certified counselor to assist him in supervising a Candidate. The Fellow must personally participate in a minimum of 50% of supervision process. The Assistant Supervisor would work alongside of the Fellow much like a Teaching Assistant works with the Professor of record in a college or seminary class. The Assistant Supervisor may review and provide written and personal feedback to counseling reports and audios when they are submitted by the Candidate for certification.

Interested in serving as an Assistant Supervisor?

If you are interested in serving as an Assistant Supervisor, please notify the Fellow you desire to serve with. It is the Fellow’s discretion whether he would like to work with an Assistant Supervisor or not.