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Become a Certified Training Center

ACBC’s Training Centers are thoroughly vetted for their doctrine, training quality, and commitment to biblical counseling. They offer training leading to ACBC certification.

Join a network of like-minded counseling centers
Advance the cause of biblical counseling
Contribute to excellence in counseling training

Who We Are

Certified Training Centers serve as the frontline for the biblical counseling movement. Housed in counseling centers, seminaries, and local churches, these vetted and approved institutions are accredited by ACBC and are made up of godly men and women who are experienced, compassionate, and wise biblical counselors. They not only counsel faithfully, but provide quality training leading to ACBC certification.

Where to Begin

If your church, school, or counseling ministry is interested in becoming a Certified Training Center of ACBC, we request you first download and become familiar with the Certified Training Center Manual and next fill out the contact form in order to begin a conversation with us.

How it Works

Prospective Training Center

Phases 1-4 include the preliminary assessment, application, program evaluation, and report of findings related to the institutional certification process

Candidate Training Center

Phase 5 comes as the Committee votes to recommend the Prospective Training Center for a full vote of the Board of Trustees.

Certified Training Center

Phase 6 comes at the successful completion of the process and culminates in the center becoming approved to offer training leading to ACBC certification.

  • Phase 1 | Pre-Application Assessment

    ACBC provides an assessment to ensure that your prospective center agrees with ACBC doctrinally and methodologically, is overseen by an ecclesiastical authority group, is committed to thorough training, and practices faithful biblical counseling.

  • Phase 2 | Application

    Your prospective center will submit an application for ACBC’s review.

  • Phase 3 | Evaluation

    ACBC will review the application, evaluate your course lectures, counseling practices, doctrinal commitments, and schedule various interviews with center leaders, authority figures, and trainees.

  • Phase 4 | Report and Committee Referral

    ACBC will compile a comprehensive report for the sub-committee of the Board of Trustees who evaluate prospective training centers.

  • Phase 5 | Board Decision

    If recommended by the sub-committee of the Board of Trustees, your prospective center becomes a candidate center and the report is forwarded to a meeting of the full Board for a final vote.

  • Phase 6 | Orientation and Operational Requirements

    Once a center is certified by the Board, the Director of Training Center Certification will conduct an orientation to explain policies, procedures, and expectations.