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Policies and Procedures

Individual Membership  

The ACBC certification process is available to applicants once he or she creates a user profile on the ACBC website. Once this profile has been created the ACBC certification dashboard will become available and provide prompts for the user to engage in the certification process as outlined below. 

PHASE 1 | Learning 
PHASE 2 | Exams  
PHASE 3 | Supervised Counseling 

The Candidate’s Responsibilities

The Fellow’s Responsibilities 

Additional Supervision Matters 


New and Continuing Membership 

Institutional Membership 

There are six (6) phases of the institutional certification process from initial contact to orientation and formal onboarding as a Certified Training Center of this Association.  Details regarding this process and related procedures can be found in the most recent edition of Board-approved Certified Training Center Manual. 

Phase 1 | Pre-Application Assessment 
 Phase 2 | Application 
Phase 3 | Evaluation 
Phase 4 | Report and Committee Referral 
Phase 5 | Board Decision 
Phase 6 | Orientation and Operational Requirements 

Continuing Certification 

Fees and Dues